About the Nivenly Projects category

This category is for public facing discussion as well as Q&A around various Nivenly Projects.

Quick FAQ

How do I participate?

Reading, asking, and responding to existing threads or creating your own is a great place to start!

Do I need to be a Nivenly Member to participate?

No! This area is open to the broader community. There is a separate, member only, area for member conversations about Nivenly, projects, and governance.

If I am not a Nivenly Member, am I still bound by the Nivenly Covenant (code of conduct)?

Yes, whether you are a member or not anyone participating in any of Nivenly’s spaces (here, GitHub, etc.) is bound by the Nivenly Covenant.

Do I need to write code to participate or be a maintainer?

No! There are several considerations for projects, and not all of them are the code-level implementation detail. There may be broader abstractions, moderation, and other topics that need to be discussed.

I would like to start contributing to a project’s code and/or documentation. What do I do?

To contribute code or documentation you will need to sign the Nivenly Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Once you have signed the CLA you can submit pull requests.

Please be aware that the default code license is Apache 2.0 and the default docs license is CC-BY-SA 4.0. Individual projects may have different licenses than these, so please make sure to verify which license a project is using.

Do I need to sign a CLA to participate in discussions?

No, you do not need to sign the CLA to participate in discussions, give feedback, and so forth.