The Foundation & Financial Transparency

Howdy, folks - Esk here. I’m on the Nivenly board and the Foundation’s treasurer. Behind the scenes, I’ve been managing Nivenly’s general accounting ledger and establishing policies for how money is tracked and described in the ledger. This will allow us to generate periodic transparency reports so that members (and the public) can understand how money flows in and out of the organization.

Beyond basic balance sheet type reports, my goal is to enable people to ask questions like:

  • How much money is spent on Hachyderm month over month?
  • What types of donations make up the majority of Nivenly’s revenue? Member dues, individual donations, or service fees?
  • How much donation revenue has each Nivenly project accrued?
  • What’s the current balance in the Foundation’s bank account? How much is owed on credit cards?

What other types of questions would you like to answer from the information we publish? What other types of data would you want to see?


Not really opinionated for this first round. I say go for it and iterate :smiley:

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