FIRES - preliminary questions

Any preliminary questions about FIRES prior to the paper being finalized? Ask them here! :smiley:

We will make a new post when the proposal is finalized for next steps :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Emelia, the author of FIRES, I’m watching this thread, so my replies should be fairly timely.

The key goal is to provide moderation recommendations and advisories, I do have a plan for how FIRES fits into the rest of the moderation ecosystem, including an idea that’s essentially signals intelligence but for Fediverse moderation groups/networks.

FIRES is not centrally hosted, and is pretty much API-only, designed to be integrated with other tools.

Whilst work has currently been slow on the proposal, I am slowly getting it ready for publication β€” I have been having to focus on additional paid work alongside responsibilities I have with my contributions to Mastodon and the components that I’m most involved in, such as the Streaming server, moderator tools, and OAuth 2.0)

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